The Whistleblower Protection Act and the resulting liability risks

In recent years, the protection of whistleblowers, i.e. individuals who report corporate wrongdoing, has become increasingly important. In Germany, the Whistleblower Protection Act…

Preliminary ruling on cyber insurance

Regional Court of Tübingen comments on the preconditions for defence of gross negligence as the cause of the insured event (Section 81 (2) VVG (Versicherungsvertragsgesetz [German Insurance Contract…

Fine recourse against managers – latest developments in case law and insurability of fines in D&O

Contrary to the opinion previously held in case law and in parts of the literature, the Regional Court of Dortmund ( decided in its decision dated 21/06/2023 –…

Auswirkungen des Kriegs in der Ukraine auf die Haftung von Managern und die D&O-Versicherung

Der Angriff Russlands auf die Ukraine hat – neben der humanitären Katastrophe – auch Auswirkungen auf die Versicherungsbranche. Vertieft diskutiert wird zum Beispiel die Frage, ob bei Angriffen…

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