We accompany brokers and clients in case of a claim.

A claim is an extraordinary situation for all parties involved, for the policyholder and also for the insured person and the supervising insurance broker.

Support from A to Z – personal and professional

Whether D&O, Cyber, criminal, or POSI, in case of a claim, their personal Finlex claims expert supports brokers and clients based on their individual needs.

Even in complex circumstances,we maintain an overview and help ensure that the insurerkeeps the performance promisemade to the policyholder and the insured persons.

Your support throughout the claims process.

We manage claims.


Are you affected by a (potential) claim? Contact us! We provide you with personal support throughout the claims process.


We review the case facts and provide a legal assessment as quickly as possible. On the basis of our many years of claims experience and claims analyses, we coordinate the further procedure with you and give you an individual recommendation for action.


From the claim notification to the review of claim documents and correspondence with the insurer or client, to the preparation of well-founded opinions if coverage is denied or support in settlement negotiations. We are at your side at every stage of the claim and keep you informed of the current processing status.


Legal expertise, IT specialists or experts: if required, we unite the client with one of our partners within the Finlex network of experts.

Your support throughout the entire claims process.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what is important in claims processing.

Examples of claims

D&O covers situations in which insured persons are held liable for damages by the insured company (internal liability) or a third party (external liability) due to a breach of duty based on statutory liability provisions. Possible damage scenarios are diverse, cross-sectoral and are increasingly affecting small and medium-sized enterprises too.

You can find the most typical circumstances in our D&O claims examples.

Cyber incidents are no longer a rarity and affect every company – regardless of size and industry. The claims causes range from employees’ negligent use of mobile devices, such as smartphones or laptops, to targeted, professional and criminally-motivated attacks on a company’s IT infrastructure. Some of these have been prepared over a long period of time. Cyber insurance can cover protection for a variety of the consequences of cyber risks.

You can find the most typical circumstances in our cyber claims examples.

Criminal and administrative investigations are increasingly being initiated against corporate bodies and employees. This is, inter alia, due to increasingly complex compliance requirements and growing awareness of the law enforcement agencies. The criminal legal protection insurance covers all areas of action of the company and insures all responsible persons and employees against whom criminal or regulatory offence proceedings are initiated as part of their work.

You can find the most typical circumstances in our claim examples for criminal legal protection.

No one is immune from becoming a victim of criminal activity. The risk is particularly high in organisations that rely on the trust of their employees. If this trust is exploited with fraudulent intent, the company can suffer significant financial damage. In particular, the company may be harmed by the unauthorised actions of its own employees, business partners, sub-contractors or third parties. Crime Insurance protects your company from the consequences of criminal offences.

You can find the most typical circumstances in our claim examples for crime insurance..

88% of companies in Germany have been victims of Cyber attacks in the last two years.

bitkom press release, August 2021

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