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Today, Cyber insurance should be an integral part of a company’s insurance portfolio, both for mid-size businesses and for large companies and financial service providers.

In the event of an emergency, the insurers’ network of experts provides around-the-clock support (24/7 emergency hotline) in dealing with cyber incidents and helps avert or mitigate financial losses. These include, for example, various cost items for forensics, data recovery, crisis consulting in connection with business interruption and claims for damages.

Rising data volumes and increasing connectivity result in increased cyber risk.

Irrespective of size or industry, cyber incidents affect all companies.

The causes of damage are varied: from random events to targeted and professionally executed attacks.

Minimum requirements for your cyber security

Awareness training courses

Online training courses on Cyber security & GDPR, and phishing tests to increase employees' risk awareness.

Endpoint protection

Next-generation endpoint protection, such as next-generation antivirus solution or Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR).

Emergency plan

Support in creating a written emergency plan for responding to cyber incidents, for example, based on BSI Standard 100-4.


Assistance in creating privacy and information security policies.

You do not meet one of the minimum technical or organizational requirements or are interested in further preventive cyber security solutions?

No problem! We support you in the implementation. Feel free to contact us and benefit from our Cyber Ecosystem – we will find a customized solution for your challenge.

What is the scope of services?

Reimbursement of business interruption losses, procedural protection (e.g. fines and contractual penalties) and cost protection

  • Costs for external service providers (crisis consultants, attorneys, PR, etc.)
  • Costs for damage assessment (forensics)
  • Data recovery costs
  • Costs to fulfill legal and contractual information obligations to data holders
  • Costs for defense in criminal or misdemeanor proceedings
  • Costs of fines for an administrative offense (to the extent permitted by law)
  • Loss of earnings if business operations are impaired, and additional costs to restore business operations (business interruption)
  • Costs for contractual fines from payment card industry

Review, defense, and indemnification in the event of claims for damages against insured persons as a result of an event triggering coverage

  • Insurance coverage for defense against unjustified claims and indemnification against justified claims
  • Coverage for fault-based and no-fault liability
  • Blanket insurance cover for contractual liabilities, in particular from indemnification obligations to external service providers

Coverage triggers for the Finlex special concept for cyber insurance:

This saves discussions, time, and money in a crisis situation.

In the event of a claim, the details are decisive.

In designing our cyber product, we included the experience gained from a large number of claims which we have handled in recent years. This experience helps us to provide clients with targeted support even in suspected cases.

You can find more information and examples of claims in our claims section.


Preventive measures– how to avoid a claim.

Preventive measures (e.g., regular employee training courses on cyber risks, structured patch management and backup processes (including offline backups) or multiple authentication for remote access) and good preparation for a crisis (e.g., a written IT emergency plan) are extremely important, because what counts most in a worst-case scenario is speed and the associated clear responsibilities between internal and external resources. If this is ensured, unpredictable cyber risks with enormous loss potential still remain. These should be transferred to a risk carrier through cyber insurance.

Take advantage of our special concept for Cyber insurance.

In our Finlex special concept, we attach great importance to a clear structure and comprehensive coverage.

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