We offer a fully-digital financial lines infrastructure on a white-label basis.

Our platform offers you a digital, transparent and fast market comparison, up to the conclusion of a contract. The underlying special concepts were developed by our team of experts and are kept up to date together with our insurers.

We create new digital ways.

For complex topics, our specialists are available for you at any time as personal advisers and sparring partners – brokers for brokers. You alone decide when and how we support you. Contact our broker management team.

Top competitive

Based on broad market surveys, top competitive premiums and conditions for best results.

The fastest way
to your policy

Fast, transparent and – above all – error-free documentation, using smart and automated processes.

Transparent & increasing

Flexible remuneration model - the larger our joint portfolio, the higher your share in commissions, which grows with your portfolio.

High insurance

Our extensive network of insurers enables you to draw on high capacities even in difficult phases.

Extensive network
of insurers

We provide you with the opportunity to directly do business with insurers, even without connections of your own.

Efficient contract

Digital and transparent overview of all clients and contracts. Based on a clear contract history, efficiently manage, tender and transfer portfolios.

Customized special concepts.

Access to market-leading special concepts that are continuously developed with the leading insurers to ensure that in the event of a claim, your clients are covered as best possible.

Up to date:
Market transparency.

Our platform enables you to access an extensive network of insurers and in this way, to obtain the best possible conditions for your clients.

We manage your claims.

Your personal claims expert at your side.





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Support by experts

Our D&O and Cyber insurance, IT and platform specialists will be happy to help you – you decide when and to what extent.


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We have made it our goal to replace e-mails with structured processes within our platform – retrievable at any time and stored securely.

With us, you generate quotations directly from our system: “Ready to send” and with your logo. This saves you valuable time that you can use for advising your clients.

Policy and invoice are issued directly by the system as soon as the contract has been concluded. We collect and offer insurers the option to approve policies with their own design at the push of a button.

Our special concepts make you stand out from the competition without being vulnerable. Our Finlex platform infrastructure offers you access to specialized know-how that you can make available to your clients at any time.

A new perspective of Financial Lines!

Risk analysis

You or your client can easily complete the risk profile online to initiate a request.


Receive automated quotes from leading insurers directly via the platform.


Order coverage and receive all important documents directly, such as policies.

Contract management

All contracts and documents at a glance. Communicate changes or renew the contract when due.

Optimize your processes.

Finlex – the latest end-to-end solution

All the facts about the Finlex platform.

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Sebastian Klapper

Sebastian Klapper

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)