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Whether a DAX group or a midsize business, the responsibility of managers to navigate companies through today’s risk landscape while simultaneously meeting the high legal requirements is greater than ever.

Managers are personally liable for mistakes.

Finlex claims practice shows: Compared to the same period last year, claims have more than doubled. This also brings Directors & Officers insurance into focus. D&O insurance gives managers a lifeline to prevent professional risk from becoming personal.

Globalization, digitization, and sustainability are the challenges of today's business life.These megatrends are accompanied by tighter regulation.

This significantly increases the relevance of corporate governance and compliance* in companies.

*All operational measures that ensure the legally complaint behavior of all company employees.

Compliance is the original responsibility of management!

Facts about liability of members of governing bodies:


The original task of the D&O insurer is to examine the question of liability, defend unjustified claims against the manager and, if necessary, pay compensation in lieu of the manager.

The “classic” D&O group coverage is taken out by the company for the benefit of members of management and control bodies (executive board, management, supervisory board, advisory board, etc.) and other persons who have a management function or special position in the company.

In Germany, currently, around 35 insurers offer D&O insurance. If companies operate globally and international insurance programs are also to be implemented, the number of possible “lead insurers” is realistically reduced to less than ten.

In the event of a claim, the details are decisive.


Take advantage of our special concept for D&O insurance.

A Finlex special concept can not only stand up to any market comparison, but it also sets a high bar for any other product.

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Beata Drenker

Beata Drenker

Head of Product Management Liability Lines & Legal Protection