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For many brokers, financial lines are still complex niche products with a high cost involved in consulting and tendering. In a generally difficult market environment, this also presents insurers with major challenges and increased administrative work, especially as part of underwriting.

Managing the digital age with Finlex.

If you want to guarantee an adequate service and still remain profitable, you have to face the future – because the future is already the present.

The Finlex Insurer Suite brings your financial lines online.

Digital & Real Time. This is how underwriting works in the future  already today, with Finlex.

360° process management in the Finlex platform


"Email ping-pong" between insurer, broker, and client? Not with us! Communication within the platform through simple process management − from application to renewal.

Risk information

All risk information directly in the process. – No long searches in e-mails or attachments!

Notice period

Manage notice periods via the platform and always keep an overview in the Renewal Dashboard – even in stressful phases!


Documenting significant business transactions, policing, invoicing. Sounds like a lot of administration? Share all data from the platform in preconfigured templates with just a few clicks.

This is how digital process management 360° works.

A plus for transparency and time.

Finlex platform: Progress through expertise & technology

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Shane Kirdorf

Shane Kirdorf

Head of Insurer Management