Your protection if you suffer a breach of trust in commercial dealings

Your business is built on trust: that of employees and also of business partners, subcontractors or third parties. Sometimes, this trust is fraudulently abused. Often such criminal acts cause significant financial losses. A crime insurance policy protects your company from the consequences of criminal acts.

Criminal third parties are constantly trying out new tricks to enrich themselves at the cost of companies of all sizes.

For example, they adopt false identities and persuade managers in the company to make them high value payments. Then there are criminal offences by your own employees, for example embezzlement or disclosure of business secrets, which can cause major losses to companies.

What are possible forms of loss of trust?

→ Fraud and breach of trust
→ Theft and embezzlement
→ Data theft and misuse
→ Money laundering
→ Infringement of property rights and copyrights
→ Corruption
→ Disclosure of trade and business secrets
→ Antitrust law violations

Within the limits of the respective sum insured / claims limit, not just the actual financial loss, but also the costs of consequential losses are also covered.

Crime Insurance

Depending on the terms and conditions, the insurer may pay compensation for the full amount of the financial loss incurred, and will also cover the costs for damage assessment and legal action.

The CI is taken out by the company. The insured parties are both the company itself and persons it employs directly, including board members, managing directors, employees, temporary workers and interns.

The companies insured are essentially the policyholder and its subsidiaries in the EAA.

In the event of a claim, the details are decisive.


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