Cyber insurance case with Santa  

In Finlex’s claims department, our experts deal with numerous cyber claims that require instant assistance. This was the case at the beginning of this year’s Christmas season when hackers gained access to Santa’s wish list management system and threatened to delete everything. Digitalisation doesn’t stop at Santa either, as he switched his system to electronic wish lists a few years ago, allowing him to process a bigger number of requests in less time. Recognising the potential vulnerability of this digital treasure to cyber threats, Santa has implemented massive security measures and taken out cyber insurance. 

 When the antivirus database and firewall reported a system breach in early December, Santa thankfully remembered his cyber insurance policy. He immediately contacted Finlex’s claims department and the crisis hotline provided by his insurer, as outlined in the emergency plan and the policy. Recognising the seriousness of the situation, the insurer promptly dispatched forensic and IT specialists to Santa’s office after a joint call. Fortunately, the cyber attack was stopped early. Although some wish lists had been deleted, the backup system, combined with the expertise of the IT specialists, ensured that they could be recovered and that no wish was lost. 

Santa was relieved that Finlex and the insurer quickly put him in touch with specialists and successfully restored the wish list management system. All costs incurred as a result of the cyber attack were covered by the cyber insurance policy, leaving Santa with a scare but financially unharmed. 

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