Finlex simplifies the cyber closing process for SMEs in Austria

Three offers in three minutes – it’s never been easier to get and compare cyber offers than with Cyber Fast Lane. The Finlex platform thus offers Best Advice – with very economically calculated premiums.

Effective immediately, with “Cyber Fast Lane” Finlex Austria is offering its brokers a new and simple process for providing cyber insurance to companies with up to 50 million euros in sales. With information on sales, industry, and the web address, the Finlex platform gives you three attractive cyber insurance offers from Markel, Gothaer and Baobab. Depending on the selection, only a few standard IT security requirements must be met, and then the coverage confirmation and policy can be issued by the insurer.

Fast and affordable protection against SME cyber risks

For large companies, the insurers require a large amount of information to be able to properly assess and calculate the risk. This expenditure is too large for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). Brokers therefore want a less complicated and faster solution. Cyber Fast Lane offers just that. It has been live in Germany since February of this year, where it immediately led to a strong increase in platform use.

“Cyber Fast Lane makes cyber insurance even more attractive for SMEs. With special coverage agreements, Finlex can guarantee here a high standard of quality across all providers”, explains Finlex founder and CEO Sebastian Klapper.

“Fast Lane is as simple as the traditional application models of some cyber insurers. At Finlex, however, cooperating brokers can compare several offers and send the insurance application digitally in the platform,” says Peter Loisel, Country Head Austria at Finlex. “While the application models can often only be used for up to 10 million euros in customer sales, Cyber Fast Lane provides offers for up to 50 million euros in sales.”

Sabine Sander, cyber pioneer and non-executive director at Finlex, adds: “Fast Lane is cyber insurance ‘to go’. Particularly for small and medium-sized companies – the typical mid-sized enterprises – taking out cyber insurance should not become a ‘project’ but should remain an easy purchasing decision. Our new approach to apply for cyber insurance enables brokers to see exactly what coverage options they have for their customers at the existing IT security level.”




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About the Finlex GmbH

Finlex – the online insurance platform for commercial and industrial customers with a focus on financial lines such as D&O, cyber, criminal and PI insurance.

In the Insurance industry Finlex is considered one of the few ‘scale-ups’ with enormous potential. Scale-ups are start-ups that have left the initial phase and are showing rapid growth. Finlex combines expert knowledge from the commercial and industrial insurance sector with the most advanced technology. The needs of the customer always come first. The platform offers insurance brokers with a focus on corporate clients a white label solution with market leading specialty products and all relevant insurers in one place. From tendering to contract, renewal and portfolio functions to an extensive knowledge base, the platform provides brokers with their own digital infrastructure. For insurers, it enables automated underwriting (robo-underwriting) for financial lines products and access to the leading industry brokers in Germany, Austria and soon France.

Finlex is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main with offices in Barcelona, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Essen, Paris, and Vienna.


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