Podcast – Battle for bright minds: The battle for talent in the insurance world

Sebastian Klapper, CEO and founder of Finlex, was a guest in the twentieth episode of the you.talks podcast. Hosts Ingolf Putzbach and Oliver Lang talk to Rolf Arnold, Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Law at TH Köln, Markus Niederreiner, CEO of Hiscox and Sebastian Klapper. They discuss the “battle for talent in the insurance world” and look at questions such as:

  • What does the “war for talent” mean for universities and companies?
  • What is the industry currently offering? Are money, security, and crisis resistance enough, or is something missing?
  • What are the future prospects in the sector and to what extent will the use of technology, especially AI, help to solve problems?
  • What tips are there for making a company attractive to new (young) talent?

Listen in now: